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African Bloodstone ​brings positivity and ​is protective​ and grounding​.​ ​It helps increase creativity and ​heightens intuition, and revitalize​s​ your mind and body, especially if you​'​re feeling run​ down. ​​It​'s​ also ​a​ calming agent​ and is​ useful in high-pressure situations when tempers can get frayed and self-control is important.​ It helps you be in the present moment and brings spirituality into everyday life.​

​Onyx is strength-giving and provides support in difficult and confusing times. It alleviates overwhelming fears and worries and helps with grief and old sorrows. It imparts self-confidence and helps you be at ease in your surroundings. It also imparts self-control so you're able to make wise decisions. ​

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