About Us


Hello! We're TIDALMOON and we are a small business focused on mindful living. Each item is designed with the intention for you to (re)connect with your highest and most genuine self. Whether you're in tune with the metaphysical properties of crystals or simply appreciate their natural beauty, we hope our products will uplift you in your day-to-day and ultimately inspire you to begin your spiritual journey and deepen the connection you have with yourself. 

About the Designer

Jane is a reiki practitioner, graphic designer, and someone who is affected by mental health. This space not only allows her to combine her love of crystals, reiki (energy healing) and design, it also allows her to give back to her community. A dollar from each purchase will be donated to a local charity pertaining to mental health. Thank you for supporting her small business. She is humbled to be able to share this journey with you.

Current donations are going to: Pathways Clubhouse, located in Richmond BC